Sunday, May 31, 2009

LeBron and Cavs Can't Get It Done In Game 6

By: Joe Nelson
LeBron James had his worst game of the series, and the Magic sent him and the Cavs home. James averaged over 38 points in the series, but couldn't get it done last night in Orlando. LeBron only managed to score 25 points. Many might look at the box score and say, 25 points, that's a good night.

What they will fail to see is that James went scoreless in the second quarter, and that is when Orlando put the lead to a whopping 18 points. Big time players can't afford to disappear in the biggest games of their career. Now, we can't put all the blame on LeBron. Mo Williams did a disappearing act in the series. He shot only 37 percent all series and played poorly throughout.

With the 103-90 victory, Dwight Howard and Orlando advances to the NBA Finals to face off with the best player in the NBA with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. It will be tough for Los Angeles to guard Howard inside who exploded for 40 points and 14 rebounds. It will be equally as difficult for Orlando to keep up with Kobe. It will most definitely be a entertaining NBA Finals. If you asked me to pick a winner, I would have to go with the Lakers in 6.

Who Are The Mets?

By: Brendan Costello

Top of the east as of May 31. September 31, who knows? I mean, who is to say they won't build our hope, our faith and then smash it down faster than they built it? I'm as optimistic as they come; however, putting all my faith in the same team three years in a row is moronic. What is so much different and better than the last two years? Alright ,maybe a better bullpen, but the injuries are building up and we could be without our all-star first basemen. It just seems this team is missing something.
When is it time to question the core of the team (Beltran, Wright, Reyes, Delgado)? Are they the cause of losing? It seems like we don't have a leader on this team. Someone who has been there, and can take the young players under their wing. Either that or maybe dish one of them off.
There has been talk of sending Reyes to Toronto. That would be the DUMBEST thing the Mets could do. I know he has his flaws, but come on he is one of the most explosive players in the MLB.
In reality, getting rid of him would make them a whole lot different. He brings fun to the team, like a breath of fresh air. He will be back and will catch fire; a little leadership could help.
I mean, think about it, Jose Valentin really was a leader and guided Reyes. Valentin helped Reyes to his best season (2006), after getting hurt in mid 2007 nothing has gone right. I feel that the Mets need a leader; someone who has won championships and is a tough 'no games' player. Who? I truly don't know. I think that will be the distinct factor between winning the wild card, and winning a championship.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why The Giants Should Get Boldin

BY : Marc Cogliano

Without a big time receiver the Giants are not going to have a dominant offense this up coming season. Look at the playoff game this past year, the Eagles were bringing 8 in the box because Jim Johnson( Eagles Defensive Coordinator ) knew that they had no big time receiver that can hurt them. With Burress gone they need a huge playmaker at the receiver spot. Lots of people say (including myself) why not go after Anquan Boldin?

One of the more talented wide receivers in the league today, Boldin has been said to want out of the Desert. He has a deal through 2010, but that deal only pays him 4 million a year-not top wideout money. Thats why boldin fired his agent couple days ago Drew Rosenhaus, because he didn't like the stalemate between himself and the Arizona Cardinals.

The Giants have to make this deal for Boldin if they want a sure number one spot in the NFC or NFL. Boldin is asking for 10 million, but thats a little much for the Giants to swallow.
But think about it Boldin, Nicks, Smith, and Boss. That seems dangerous for any defense corrdinator in the league to figure out how to match up.

For me, it’s simple. Get Boldin. He wants out of Arizona. The Giants don’t have Plax anymore. The Giants need an All-Pro receiver. Sounds like a perfect match, doesn’t it?

Revenge For The Pens?

By: Nick Marella

After such a disappointing trip to the Stanley Cup Finals last year, Pittsburgh Penguins forward Marian Hossa, decided his time as a Penguin was up. After entering free agency, the gifted winger had reportedly received a huge deal from the Oilers landing him an estimated $9 million dollars a year.

Rather then take the whopping offer from Edmonton or remain in Pittsburgh, Hossa agreed to a 1 year $7.45 million dollar deal to join the team that crushed his Cup hopes a few months prior, the Detroit Red Wings. When asked about his decision to leave Pittsburgh for Detroit, Hossa replied "When I compared the two teams, I felt like I would have a little better of a chance to win the Cup in Detroit."

Ironically, the two teams will meet in the finals yet again for what is shaping up to be a stellar series. Unfortunately for Hossa, the Penguins are coming into this match-up after sweeping the Carolina Hurricanes in a dominant fashion. Although Chicago was also no match for the Wings, Pittsburgh has a slight advantage.

Although Detroit has more experience when it comes to winning in the playoffs,their defense and fast paced offense will not be enough to cancel out the offensive power of arguably 2 of the best players in the whole league. Removing the bitter taste from last years finals, the Pittsburgh Penguins will defeat the Detroit Red Wings in 7 games.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Former Knick Stephon Marbury Could Land With The Wizards?

BY : Marc Cogliano
Stephon Marbury's up and down playoff run with the Boston Celtics probably won't result in a nice fat contract next season but there is one team that could have interest in the former Knicks guard. It's the Washington Wizards, they had a huge make over with an arrival of their new head coach Flip Saunders.

He would strongly considering adding Marbury to the roster if there is a vacancy. The biggest hurdle for Marbury is that Mike James and Javaris Crittenton are both under contract.
The Washington Wizards president is Ernie Grunfeld, he was a big Marbury fan when Ernie ran the Knicks. He tried to get him the year that Marbury was traded to the Nets.

But the thing that I don't get is why on earth does another team have any interest in Marbury? Flip and Ernie do you get that this guy is a cancer for every team that he goes on. Like you can't be serious?

Look what Marbury did to the T'Wolves, yea he reached the playoffs twice with them but still he left on a terrible note. By steaming with Timberwolves management from a dispute with coaches about his role in the offense. Next team to ruin the New Jersey Nets, yes Marbury became a star with them but most importantly he never reached the playoffs with them. So he was traded to the Phoenix Suns for Jason Kidd.

Lets see didn't the Nets reached the NBA Finals back-to-back years right after Marbury Left? Yea, indeed they did.
Than my beloved New York Knicks makes a dramatic turn for the worse... trading to receive Stephon Marbury. One thing lead to another Marbury ruins another franchise.
All in all who ever picks up ''StarBury" better consider the consequences to their franchise.
P.S Aren't the Celtics out of the playoffs? Oh yea it's the Marbury disease.

Giants sign OL Tutan Reyes, waive TE Milner

BY: Marc Cogliano

The New York Giants have added depth to their offensive line with the signing of 10-year veteran Tutan Reyes.
Reyes, signed Thursday, has started 37 of 53 regular-season games in a career that has included stops in New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Buffalo and Jacksonville. He started three games for the Jaguars last season.

To make room on the roster, the Giants waived tight end Martrez Milner, who spent most of the 2008 season on the team's practice squad.

Reyes is a New York native, he was born in Queens, N.Y. on Oct. 28, 1977. He played at August Martin High School in Queens. After high school Tutan attended Mississippi their he was listed as a tight end before shifting to the line, where he started 24 consecutive games at left tackle. As a senior in 1999, he was a second team All-SEC selection.

With this pick up the Giants should be the most depth team at the offensive line in the NFL. If you remember their O-Line produce two one thousand yard runners, Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward (who is now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers).


BY: Marc Cogliano

Former Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey collapsed on the 24th of May. He was at a Las Vegas party and was carted off to a hospital. According to a report by the entertainment Web site TMZ, Shockey was found unconscious at around 2 p.m. at the Hard Rock Hotel and was carried out on a stretcher. It was due to dehydration and now Saints team spokesman says tight end Jeremy Shockey is doing fine.

Lots of Giants fans know Shockey as hard nose type of player. Who gave it all on every single play, for example getting his helmet ripped off from a Eagle player and still keeps going for more yards. Shockey has been in the Pro Bowl four times, most recently in 2006. Before playing for the Saints, Shockey was with the New York Giants. In eight seasons, Shockey has 421 receptions for 4,711 yards and 27 touchdowns.

Shockey's agent Drew Rosenhaus said on Tuesday that he is feeling 100 percent and is feeling great. The Saints will have a mandatory minicamp for veteran players beginning Monday. Jeremey Shockey is expected to attend some time next week.

The Same Old Mets?

By Brendan Costello,

New year, same disappointing team. The New York Mets opened the 2009 season with great expectation like usual. I mean who wouldn't expect them to win? The second highest payroll, the new stadium, and a hand full of sluggers topped of with arguably the best pitcher in the league.
Some might say world series but anyone who is a met fan can feel the painful let down in September coming. Truthfully, it doesn't take a genius to see they are the same lackluster team of the past three years. The same old faces mixed in with ones that won't help the team. They lack the swagger,the passion they are a team that is scared to fail. They have no fire in there stomachs, emotionally and mentally incapable of achieving anything but making there fans sick.

Yes the last week or so they look pretty respectable, but they are the Mets so well who knows? Right now, the mets are being carried by some unlikely faces. Guys like 40 year old Gary Sheffield and 34 year old Livan Hernandez. I mean, lets be real Gary can't carry us forever and Livan is going to have games where we are going to wonder how is he in the league? The Mets

DL is more star filled then the starting line-up itself. Hopefully this doesn't continue the whole year.

Despite all of that the New York Metropolitans are sitting on the top of the N.L East. They do have Mr. Santana and the man with the highest average Carlos Beltran. Things could be worse i mean don't forget they are 6 games over five hundred and currently on a 5 game win streak. I know its early and everything is up in the air but as a die hard Met fan I can see another dreadful September filled with tears and sick stomachs awaiting.

Well thats all for today i hope you enjoy the rest of the articles.

Thomas Jones Back at OTA's

By Conor Galvin

Last Wednesday, Thomas Jones agent Drew Rosenhaus said on Twitter that the disgruntled running back will end his holdout and report to the Jets workouts. Well, Jones and Rosenhaus stuck to their word as Jones reported to Jets OTA's today. Jones has been unhappy about his contract so he was skipping the voluntary workouts. With the workout being closed to the media today, Jones will be their Thursday talking to the media about his holdout.

Jones,30, is entering his third year of a four year, $20 million dollar, contract he signed with the Jets back in 2007 after being traded from the Bears. Jones is only expected to make $900,000 this year even though he has been paid over $13.1 million over his first two seasons. Jones is coming off a Pro Bowl year leading the AFC in rushing with 1,312 yards and also had a career best with 13 rushing touchdowns.
With Jones back the Jets won't have to worry about rookie Shonn Grenne and second year back Danny Woodhead taking carries with the first team. With new head coach Rex Ryan the Jets are going to run in a "all weather" offense. This means the Jets will run the ball a lot and Jones will have to be a big contributer on the offense. Now that Jones is hear thats one less running back problem the Jets will have to face.

Backup running back and special teams stud Leon Washington is also holding out because of a contract situation. Washington is looking for a contract that is paying him at least 6 million a season. He wants this money because other running backs such as Maurice Jones-Drew and Darren Sproles are making this money. Stay tuned as I'll have more information on Leon's issue and enjoy the rest of the website.

NBA Mock Draft Lottery

By: Joe Nelson

1. Clippers: Blake Griffin: Griffin is a freak of nature and is the most athletic player in the draft. He is a dominant rebounder and should be a great pro. No brainer for the Clips.

2. Grizzlies: Hasheem Thabeet: The 7 footer is known to be the most dominant defensive player in college basketball. He averaged over 4 blocks a game. Many think Rubio will be the pick here, but he has publicly stated he doesn't plan to play for Memphis.

3. Thunder: Ricky Rubio: Point guard from Spain and is the most skilled passer in the draft. Many teams covet Rubio so a trade could be possible here. Whoever is drafting here, Rubio will be the pick.
4.Kings: Jordan Hill: Improved his game greatly this year. He has a good body for a PF. Was the main inside presence at Arizona. Sacramento can't pass him up.
5. Washington: DeMar DeRozen: Played at USC. He is a Vince Carter clone with great upside.
6. Minnesota: James Harden: Great NBA skill. Showed promise at Arizona State and if Washington doesn't take him, Minnesota will.
7. Golden State: Brandon Jennings: Was supposed to play at Arizona last year but hurt himself by playing in Europe. Still with his skill, he is a no doubter for a lottery pick.
8. New York: Stephen Curry: "The Baby Faced Assassin" A dead eye shooter that will fit this system perfectly. With this pick, the Knicks could be saying goodbye to one of their guards. Maybe Nate Robinson.
9. Toronto: Tyreke Evans: Great scorer at Memphis. Played PG when John Calipari realized he was the best ball handler on the team. He won't play PG on this team, but he should contribute immediately.
10. Milwaukee: Johnny Flynn: PG at Syracuse. Only 6' Foot but he will do fine in the league. The Bucks fill a need here.
11. New Jersey: Dejuan Blair: A beast at Pittsburgh. He averaged a double double and was unstoppable at times. Dropped some weight and would be a great pick for the Nets at number 11.
12. Charlotte: Gerald Henderson: Go-to guy at Duke. With his athleticism, no way he drops past the Bobcats at number 12.
13. Indiana: Earl Clark: At first, Clark was high on many boards, now he has dropped off a little and now is a late lottery pick.
14. Phoenix: Ty Lawson: Without Lawson, UNC was going no where. His speed is unmatched and with the Run N' Gun Suns, Lawson will be a perfect fit.
The NBA Draft will take place on Jun 25.

Knicks Looking Forward To NBA Draft

By: Marc Cogliano

This is going to be a huge draft for the New York Knicks. It already had a unsuccesful start by not moving up in the draft order. Last year the Chicago Bulls were handed a Get Out of Jail Free card by the NBA Draft Lottery and awarded the No. 1 pick despite a mere 1.7 percent chance for it. This year the Knicks had a 2.8 percent chance at any of the top three picks. They were not let out of jail free.

What are the Knicks going to do? The hot pick is Davidson shooting guard Stephen Curry. He is a very good shooter and got a lot of national attention early in his college years during the NCAA MarchMadness tournament. The Knicks need more shooters , and Curry would immediately become a star and “S. Curry” the hottest-selling jersey. If he’s still there come No. 8, it’ll be difficult for the Knicks to pass him up.

Other possibilities: Memphis’s Tyreke Evans, Southern California’s DeMar DeRozan, and even Syracuse’s Jonny Flynn. Perhaps most intriguing: Brandon Jennings, who might have been a top-three pick out of high school two years ago but has hurt his stock since playing a season in Italy.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the lottery and will enjoy the draft, which is coming in a month. The Knicks won’t be taking part next year. They have no first-round draft pick, because it belongs to the Utah Jazz. Isiah Thomas traded it away five years ago.

Nets Draft Possibilities

It was a rough year for the New Jersey Nets, who finished 34-48 on the season. They were pleasantly surprised with the way Brooke Lopez performed, averaging 13 points 8 rebounds a game, but still lacked bulk inside. Many experts predict the Nets going after a power foward or a good shooting guard from the perimeter. Picking at 11, there are some good possibilities depending on who is still available.
Averaging 15 points and 8 boards a game at Wake Forest, James Johnson seems like a perfect fit at 6 foot 8 inches and around 250 pounds. Johnson would give the nets some toughness and energy they need inside.
Another possible pick for the Nets is the beast from Pittsburgh, Dejuan Blair. He is measured at about 6'7 but plays much taller. He put out a double double almost every game at Pitt and would be a great fit. There were some questions about Blair's weight but he answered those critics quickly by losing 15 pounds. Blair along side Lopez, could be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.
As for guards, Wayne Ellington, a dead eye shooter from the National Championship team at North Carolina could be a great compliment to the team with his 3 point shooting. He was the key to the Tar Heels championship run and should be an average pro with great shooting ability.
So it brings us to this, do the Nets go with a power foward or shooting guard? In my opinion the Nets need some bulk and toughness on their front line to be able to compete with the elite in the Eastern Conference. New Jersey has a good core of players with Harris, Carter and Lopez, but they need one more player to fill the role of a banger to play defense and grab rebounds.
If I was Rod Thorn, and Dejuan Blair was available at eleven, I am picking him with no questions asked.
It should be interesting what the Nets decide to do, so I guess we'll see on June 25.

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