Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Former Knick Stephon Marbury Could Land With The Wizards?

BY : Marc Cogliano
Stephon Marbury's up and down playoff run with the Boston Celtics probably won't result in a nice fat contract next season but there is one team that could have interest in the former Knicks guard. It's the Washington Wizards, they had a huge make over with an arrival of their new head coach Flip Saunders.

He would strongly considering adding Marbury to the roster if there is a vacancy. The biggest hurdle for Marbury is that Mike James and Javaris Crittenton are both under contract.
The Washington Wizards president is Ernie Grunfeld, he was a big Marbury fan when Ernie ran the Knicks. He tried to get him the year that Marbury was traded to the Nets.

But the thing that I don't get is why on earth does another team have any interest in Marbury? Flip and Ernie do you get that this guy is a cancer for every team that he goes on. Like you can't be serious?

Look what Marbury did to the T'Wolves, yea he reached the playoffs twice with them but still he left on a terrible note. By steaming with Timberwolves management from a dispute with coaches about his role in the offense. Next team to ruin the New Jersey Nets, yes Marbury became a star with them but most importantly he never reached the playoffs with them. So he was traded to the Phoenix Suns for Jason Kidd.

Lets see didn't the Nets reached the NBA Finals back-to-back years right after Marbury Left? Yea, indeed they did.
Than my beloved New York Knicks makes a dramatic turn for the worse... trading to receive Stephon Marbury. One thing lead to another Marbury ruins another franchise.
All in all who ever picks up ''StarBury" better consider the consequences to their franchise.
P.S Aren't the Celtics out of the playoffs? Oh yea it's the Marbury disease.

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