Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Same Old Mets?

By Brendan Costello,

New year, same disappointing team. The New York Mets opened the 2009 season with great expectation like usual. I mean who wouldn't expect them to win? The second highest payroll, the new stadium, and a hand full of sluggers topped of with arguably the best pitcher in the league.
Some might say world series but anyone who is a met fan can feel the painful let down in September coming. Truthfully, it doesn't take a genius to see they are the same lackluster team of the past three years. The same old faces mixed in with ones that won't help the team. They lack the swagger,the passion they are a team that is scared to fail. They have no fire in there stomachs, emotionally and mentally incapable of achieving anything but making there fans sick.

Yes the last week or so they look pretty respectable, but they are the Mets so well who knows? Right now, the mets are being carried by some unlikely faces. Guys like 40 year old Gary Sheffield and 34 year old Livan Hernandez. I mean, lets be real Gary can't carry us forever and Livan is going to have games where we are going to wonder how is he in the league? The Mets

DL is more star filled then the starting line-up itself. Hopefully this doesn't continue the whole year.

Despite all of that the New York Metropolitans are sitting on the top of the N.L East. They do have Mr. Santana and the man with the highest average Carlos Beltran. Things could be worse i mean don't forget they are 6 games over five hundred and currently on a 5 game win streak. I know its early and everything is up in the air but as a die hard Met fan I can see another dreadful September filled with tears and sick stomachs awaiting.

Well thats all for today i hope you enjoy the rest of the articles.

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