Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NBA Mock Draft Lottery

By: Joe Nelson

1. Clippers: Blake Griffin: Griffin is a freak of nature and is the most athletic player in the draft. He is a dominant rebounder and should be a great pro. No brainer for the Clips.

2. Grizzlies: Hasheem Thabeet: The 7 footer is known to be the most dominant defensive player in college basketball. He averaged over 4 blocks a game. Many think Rubio will be the pick here, but he has publicly stated he doesn't plan to play for Memphis.

3. Thunder: Ricky Rubio: Point guard from Spain and is the most skilled passer in the draft. Many teams covet Rubio so a trade could be possible here. Whoever is drafting here, Rubio will be the pick.
4.Kings: Jordan Hill: Improved his game greatly this year. He has a good body for a PF. Was the main inside presence at Arizona. Sacramento can't pass him up.
5. Washington: DeMar DeRozen: Played at USC. He is a Vince Carter clone with great upside.
6. Minnesota: James Harden: Great NBA skill. Showed promise at Arizona State and if Washington doesn't take him, Minnesota will.
7. Golden State: Brandon Jennings: Was supposed to play at Arizona last year but hurt himself by playing in Europe. Still with his skill, he is a no doubter for a lottery pick.
8. New York: Stephen Curry: "The Baby Faced Assassin" A dead eye shooter that will fit this system perfectly. With this pick, the Knicks could be saying goodbye to one of their guards. Maybe Nate Robinson.
9. Toronto: Tyreke Evans: Great scorer at Memphis. Played PG when John Calipari realized he was the best ball handler on the team. He won't play PG on this team, but he should contribute immediately.
10. Milwaukee: Johnny Flynn: PG at Syracuse. Only 6' Foot but he will do fine in the league. The Bucks fill a need here.
11. New Jersey: Dejuan Blair: A beast at Pittsburgh. He averaged a double double and was unstoppable at times. Dropped some weight and would be a great pick for the Nets at number 11.
12. Charlotte: Gerald Henderson: Go-to guy at Duke. With his athleticism, no way he drops past the Bobcats at number 12.
13. Indiana: Earl Clark: At first, Clark was high on many boards, now he has dropped off a little and now is a late lottery pick.
14. Phoenix: Ty Lawson: Without Lawson, UNC was going no where. His speed is unmatched and with the Run N' Gun Suns, Lawson will be a perfect fit.
The NBA Draft will take place on Jun 25.

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