Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why The Giants Should Get Boldin

BY : Marc Cogliano

Without a big time receiver the Giants are not going to have a dominant offense this up coming season. Look at the playoff game this past year, the Eagles were bringing 8 in the box because Jim Johnson( Eagles Defensive Coordinator ) knew that they had no big time receiver that can hurt them. With Burress gone they need a huge playmaker at the receiver spot. Lots of people say (including myself) why not go after Anquan Boldin?

One of the more talented wide receivers in the league today, Boldin has been said to want out of the Desert. He has a deal through 2010, but that deal only pays him 4 million a year-not top wideout money. Thats why boldin fired his agent couple days ago Drew Rosenhaus, because he didn't like the stalemate between himself and the Arizona Cardinals.

The Giants have to make this deal for Boldin if they want a sure number one spot in the NFC or NFL. Boldin is asking for 10 million, but thats a little much for the Giants to swallow.
But think about it Boldin, Nicks, Smith, and Boss. That seems dangerous for any defense corrdinator in the league to figure out how to match up.

For me, it’s simple. Get Boldin. He wants out of Arizona. The Giants don’t have Plax anymore. The Giants need an All-Pro receiver. Sounds like a perfect match, doesn’t it?

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