Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is He the Wright Guy?

I will open this article up with a opinion. Some might not like it but I feel someone should say it. The New York Mets should trade David Wright.

I have been watching theses lack-luster Mets and have been getting sick. They find ways to make you want to vomit. I'm sick of hearing we are not healthy or we will come around. These Mets are built to lose they just don't have the fire.

A lot of this has to do with David Wright. He is supposed to be the face of the franchise the captain. The problem is he is to soft to be either of them. These are the stats that really stick out in my mind, he is batting .182 with the bases loaded and .242 with runners on and two outs. He just doesn't get the big hit when we need it. It would be fine if we had a monster bat hitting behind him. Someone who will hit a home run in the ninth, like a Beltran and Delgado in 2006.

David has no help and would be better off on a small market team. Lets face it he isn't a New York kinda guy. If the mets could land a a clutch hitting guy with power things might be more fun. Now I don't know what we could get for David, I would think a slugger and a solid pitcher. I just feel if the mets want to win David just isn't the guy to carry us. If we could land a clutch hitting slugger in the big apple then I don't care what David does in the ninth.

Now yes he is batting .352 and has a .411 OBS, never the less he just doesn't win games. I don't see how Citi is the reason he can't hit homers, don't forget he only has one long ball on the road. Where did his power go? It's a shame that Wright can't be that Jeter I hoped he would become. The guy is a good baseball player and a good man. It seems he is just to soft to be the key player in a franchise.

The Mets would stand a better chance to win a WS if David is not present. Now yes the only way the Mets should trade him is if we can get a great deal. Personally I don't see this happening, for two reasons. He is still batting .352 and the Mets would not get what we need for Dave. Hopefully he can turn things around, he needs to get that power stroke back. Also hitting when it matters would make things a whole lot better. I never will doubt this mans talent but I do doubt him mentally.

This season will be resting on Dav's back, well see how much heart Mr. Wright really has.

Lawson a Possibility for New Jersey?

The big knock on point guard Ty Lawson is he is too short. Standing at 5'11, many believe Lawson will be ineffective on the big stage. The Nets seem to disagree with that statement.
Lawson worked out with the Nets Wednesday along with Jrue Holiday of UCLA and Gerald Henderson of Duke. Lawson impressed New Jersey, but is it worth it to draft a third point guard with the number 11 pick? The Nets have more glaring need with already having an all-star guard in Devin Harris.
New Jersey needs an athletic big that can bang down low, grab some boards, and score on occasion. Recent reports are saying that Lawson's teammate, Tyler Hansbrough, and Louisville forwards Earl Clark and Terrance Williams are climbing up the Nets draft boards.
If the Nets decide to gamble and pick Lawson, they could have the fastest back court in the league. Devin Harris is easily the fastest Point Guard in the league, and Lawson dominated College with his speed and quickness.
If the Nets are set on taking Lawson, they may want to trade back in the draft. Maybe a swap with Chicago sending the number 11 pick and Bobby Simmons to Chicago for their 16th and 26th pick.
Rod Thorn seems to like a lot of players in this draft and needs to see how the draft is playing out before making his decision. My prediction: New Jersey selects Earl Clark with the Number 11 pick in next Thursdays draft.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Top Ten Baseball Rivalry's

There are a lot of great baseball rivals in past years. What is a baseball rival you might ask? Well to me a baseball rivalry is when you, as a fan, hate the opposing teams and their fans. Its a rivalry thats is played on ESPN or FOX, its a rivalry where both teams are WS contenders. There is blood shed and words exchanged. Its the single greatest part of any sports. Here is my top ten so please enjoy!

Ten: Florida Marlins VS Tampa Rays.(Citrus Series)

Now I know what your thinking this rivalry isn't too competitive. Now in recent years this might be true, not the case now. With the Rays finally stepping up and playing some real baseball, this rivalry gets fun. The Marlins have had their good years and their terrible years, but as of now they are a team in the hunt. With the Rays in the hunt as well this series is born. So Florida get ready for some fun baseball in the sun.

Nine: Oakland Athletics VS San Fransisco Giants.(Bay Bridge Series)

With the A's not being so great, this rivalry takes a big hit. In past years this rivalry was led by Ricky Henderson and everyone's favorite Barry Bonds. I feel after the 1989 WS (“the earthquake series”) this rivalry was born. With the Athletics taking only eight more wins this series is close and competitive. I feel it will be the same this year do to the fact neither team is anything special.

Eight: LA Dodgers VS LA Angels. (Freeway Series)

Next to New York, Los Angeles has the best talent in the major leagues. With the Dodgers being top of the NL, and the Angels barely being over .500 this is a major mix-up. This series is always fought hard by both teams. The Dodgers might hold the edge, but any given day the Angels still the talent to pull one out.

Seven: New York Giants VS Brooklyn Dodgers

I know these teams haven't squared off in more than a half a century, but these games were fought to the bone. From Willie Mays to Jackie Robinson this series had a lot hard nosed playing. Both teams were fighting for bragging rights in the National League year and year out. For you see most the time the World Series ended up going through one of these stadiums. Since moving out West this series has lost some fire.

Six: New York Mets VS New York Yankees (Subway Series)

Five years ago, I would of put this rivalry in the top three, but as of late it seems that neither team is fiercely competing. Led by Jeter and Wright this series is still very compelling. With both teams having the highest payrolls in the majors, this series better be compelling. With the Mets getting their super stars back and the Yanks still on a hot streak this series still can't be predictive.

I hope to see these teams battling it out, not for themselves, but for the fans. For the fans they haven't lost their desire for bragging rights. This might not rank up with the Yankee-Dodger series but never the less they are still fighting for the king of New York City.

Five: Chicago Cubs VS Chicago White Sox (Windy City Series)

Ever since Barrett smacked Pierzynski in the face, this is one of my favorite series to watch. With Chicago being one of most passionate cities this makes this rivalry so much better. Along with Los Angeles and New York, Chicago is another star filled city.

With Lou Pinnela and Ozzie Guillen being the managers for both squads, this series will be bursting with fire and intensity. Honestly, I don't know any interleague series that is better than this. Lets hope this series lives up to its hype.

Four: Chicago Cubs VS St. Louis Cardinals

For the past five years, the Cubs and Cardinals have been splitting the NL Central crown. Led by the stars of Albert Pujols and Alfonso Soriano, this series is jam packed with talent. Since the first series played in 1885, the series has displayed emotion, desire, and fire. Over the years this rivalry has not died down at all. With the series not being dominated by either team, after over 2,000 games the series is near split. My belief is that the winner of this division will go through either St. Louis or Chicago.

Three: New York Mets VS Philadelphia Phillies

About ten years ago number three would be Mets and Braves, but since the Braves have fallen these two teams have ruled the NL East. Over the past three years, every game has been intense with the Mets winning the majority. Regardless, coming down to September, you know the Mets and Phillies will be battling it out. The one thing this series lacks is physicalness, hate and the will to win. If the players had as much hate as the fans do, this series would easily be number one.

Two: New York Yankees VS Boston Red Sox

Yes, I know most of you are thinking, why isn't this rivalry number one? There are many reasons this rivalry could be number one. From Curt Schilling's bloody sock to Aaron Boone's heroic homerun to send the Yankees to the World Series, this rivalry is full of drama. With the Yankees dominating in the 1990's, winning 8 straight division titles and 4 World Series, Boston was in the rear view mirrors. Now, with Boston dominating as of late winning 2 World Series and 2 division titles, this rivalry is at an all time high. Some might argue and say that in the 70's this rivalry was more competitive, but I beg to differ. Whether its the brawls, the late game heroics, or the want to win mentality, this series currently is not the best just in baseball, but in all of sports.

One: Dodgers VS Yankees

In the 1950's October in New York, there was only one thought on everyone's mind, will the Yankees and Dodgers meet up in the World Series. Whether it was Duke Snider vs Yogi Berra or Jackie Robinson vs Mickey Mantle, this rivalry is ultimately number one. Meeting in the World Series 11 times is the reason this rivalry is number one. Even though the Yankees dominated, winning 8 of 11 world series, this rivalry was the most competitive.

The true bragging rights for New York was between the Yankees and Dodgers. The boroughs of the Bronx, and Brooklyn being in the same city, yet almost countries of their own, this rivalry is the most intense. Sadly, it was cut short for the lack of meetings during interleague play or in the World Series. Hopefully this rivalry can be heated back up by scheduling from the MLB or a possible World Series match-up which is likely with the start of both teams.

Also posted on bleacher reporters by myself.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bring On The Big Boys

After a dismal road trip against bottom feeders of the league, the Mets will head back to Citi to play the first place Phillies. This is a great series for the Mets to prove to everyone ,including themselves, that they are a good ball-club. The struggling Mets went 2-4 to the Pirates and the Nats not something to be proud of. They did win the last two of three however, by doing so it prevented the road trip from being a complete disaster. I have been thinking about it and maybe since the Mets played down to the Nats and Pirates they will play up to the Yanks and Phillies.

This series doesn't determine the season. All us Met fans should be well aware of that. After the last two season's nothing from April to August matters. However if the Mets do have a great 6 game swing, things will become very fun.

This time of year is always the best. With summer approaching, baseball is heating up just like the weather. The fans will be filling there respected stadiums to full capacity. The only sport being talked about on ESPN will be baseball. The hand held radios will be glaring at all the beaches and the different baseball caps will be on every-ones head. This is the time baseball is the talk of the town, and for the love of god lets pray the Mets are being talked about positively.

Now I know in recent years the Mets feel the season ends August 31st , but they are going to need a great summer to keep the media off them and to build confidence. They are a good team that is getting healthy, they will show us all that in the this next week. With Johan on the mound the Mets hope to get off to a good start. That is key for the Mets to get the first one under there belt. Unlike last week, when they blew a 5-0 lead to the Pirates in the series opener, after that nothing went right. So if they can get up early and stay there, the Mets will be able to breathe easy and come out swinging in the next two games.

The Phillies 'Lights out closer” Brad Lidge has helped the Mets climb with-in 2.5 games, by blowing two games in a row. If the Phillies can lose tonight, the Metropolitans will be just 2 games out. This just proves to me the Phillies are not the same team they were last year. Some people might disagree and that's fine if you do. I just see them falling apart, when 46 year old Jamie Moyer leads your staff with four wins, while having five losses and maintaining a 6.27 ERA you know your in trouble. It just a matter of time before they crumble and burn.

This is the Mets chance to make everything interesting and slap the “annoying loud mouth Phillies around”. If Johan can pitch well and Pelfery can get has act together we will be in good shape. This is a crucial series to tell how the summer will go for the Mets.

Friday, June 5, 2009

LeBron: Cleveland, The Garden, Or Brooklyn?

By Joe Nelson
In the summer of 2010, LeBron James has some choices to make.
Should he stay in Cleveland, with a set-in stone team with veterans, but no real other scoring threat?

Should he go to New York City and play in the greatest sports arena in the world? Or go to his favorite borough in NYC, Brooklyn?



1. Cleveland is LeBron's hometown, and he has been playing in Ohio since he was born.

2. The Cavs are already a playoff experienced squad. They made the NBA Finals in the '06-'07 season, and this year, made it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

3. Chinese investors bought 15 percent ownership of Cleveland. This move could grant LeBron's wish and make him a worldwide icon.


1. LeBron has limited help.
With Big Z being 34, LeBron's big man may soon be gone. Also, Ben Wallace is rumored to be contemplating retirement. That would be a loss of two important big men for the Cavs.
With the way Mo Williams played during the conference finals, there is no one to take the scoring load off LeBron.

2. If the Cavs couldn't win it this year, what makes you think they can win it at all?
With a depleted Boston team and no other team that looked like a legit threat, the Cavs were the odds-on favorite to cruise to the NBA Finals.
Once again, LeBron's teammates let him down, and they were sent home packing and watching the rest of the playoffs on their couches instead of being in L.A. right now for Games One and Two.

New York


1. LeBron in a Knicks uniform would bring back more excitement than when New York drafted Patrick Ewing with the No. 1 overall pick in the 1985 NBA Draft.
Not to mention, playing in the greatest sports arena ever built, LeBron would be talked about more in New York than Wall Street.
2. Money, Money, Money. With an incentive-laden Nike contract, LeBron will add to his huge salary by playing in one of the three major cities—New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
I'm sure LeBron wouldn't mind making his pocket a little fatter by playing in New York.

3. The Knicks are rumored to be in love with stand-out guard Steph Curry. LeBron is one of Curry's biggest fans. He was seen cheering Steph on during this year's Davidson vs. N.C. State game.
If the Knicks draft Curry, don't be surprised if it is a lure to get James.


1. LeBron wants to win. The Knicks have not been to the playoffs since 2004, where they were swept by the Nets. If LeBron wants to win, and win now, he better hope New York makes a big splash or gets a post guy for LeBron to rely on.



1. Sean "Jay-Z" Carter has part ownership of the New Jersey—maybe Brooklyn—Nets. It is well-known that LeBron and Jay-Z are best of friends. "Jigga Man" is known to attend LeBron's games in Cleveland occasionally during the season.
Come on now, they even have their own hand shake! Jay-Z just might reel LeBron into Brooklyn.

2. When asked what his favorite borough in New York City was, LeBron's answer was, "Brooklyn."
If the Nets could finally get this arena started, LeBron could be the face of Brooklyn, and soon enough, the Nets could be the most talked about team in New York.

3. Unlike New York and Cleveland, New Jersey has a rising-star in Devin Harris and a soon-to-be star big man in Brook Lopez. This could be intriguing for James, to play with a great ball handler and scorer and a solid low post presence by his side.


1. The Nets may not move to Brooklyn. It has been reported that if the team cannot complete the deal to move to Brooklyn, the team will most likely go up for sale. Seattle and Kansas City are rumored to be the most likely destinations.
That would flush any hope of getting LeBron right down the tubes.

If you ask me, if the Nets can complete the move to Brooklyn, he will end up there. If not, I don't think James will want to stay in Cleveland if they fail to win it all next year and will land with the Knicks.
It should be interesting to see what LeBron will do, and the whole basketball world will be awaiting the outcome.

Should New York Knicks Trade Up For Ricky Rubio? Why Not

BY: Marc Cogliano

As of now the New York Knicks do not have a steady point guard.
Chris Duhon did not play well towards the end of the season, and Nate Robinson is going to test the market most likely if the Knicks do not resign him.

But with Knicks sitting at the eighth spot at the NBA draft most experts have them picking Stephon Curry. I'm not against that pick if the Knicks are still at number eight of course.
But I do think the Knicks should try and make a deal to get Ricky Rubio.

Ricky Rubio is most likely going to go Memphis Grizzlies at number two. So if the Knicks really want him they would have to give up their first round pick, Chris Duhon, and Quentin Richardson.

If Memphis wants to get someone else from the Knicks that is not too valuable, why not do it?
Ricky Rubio would run D'Antoni's system to perfection.Yes, Ricky is only 19 but this kid can ball.
He is a true point guard and that's what we need to make this system flourish. His NBA comparison is Walt Frazier/Steve Nash, now that's a great company to be mentioned in.

If you haven't seen this kid's game yet you better go on youtube and check out his skills. He has a great height at 6'3 but he can bulk up a little he is only 180 pounds. But with his weight like the way it is he can fly up and down the court.

However, his style of play is extremely relaxed and confident because the game comes so easily to him. People say including myself that he will have no problem adjusting to the speed of the NBA because of his basketball IQ.

If I'm Donnie Walsh and i have an opportunity like this. I will not just be satisfied with the eighth pick. I would make a deal and hop right up to the top of the NBA draft and get Ricky Rubio.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

“Ten things the Mets should do to get better”.

I have been watching the Mets all year and have been coming up with ton's of thing they could do to get better. It just seems like this team is so under achieving. They are not a bad team by any means, just misguided. Everyone has to remember ,including myself, that it is only June. Its a young season, plenty of time to fix some stuff up.

I have come up with my “Ten thing the Mets should do to get better”. Pretty much, I'm just going to tell you what I think the Metropolitans should do.

Ten: Get healthy

Lately, the Mets have been called the “B” team, “Wright plus eight” and the “New York Bison”. Lets face it, they are banged up beyond belief. Even before this, they were nothing special. Yes, they were on a bit of a streak but still nothing to be jumping up and down about.

Missing Reyes,Beltran,Delgado,Church,Cora, Pagan and now Martinez is mentally, physically and emotionally tough for the rest of the team. This would be like the Yankees Missing Jeter, Teixeira,

Damon and a bunch of bench players. I don't see them winning 17 out of 22. Also, this would be like the Phillies with out Ibanez, Utley and Howard along with bench players. I don't see them doing as well either.

We will see who the Mets are when they have their All- Stars back. It can't come soon enough for us fans.

Nine: Pick up a Veteran Pitcher

Pedro is just waiting to be resigned by the Mets, to prove he still has it. I know this might hurt to hear, but Tom Glavin is now on the market. I understand why some Met fans would be scared to see him in a orange and blue uniform again. Lets just say his last outing wasn't too terrific.

In his defense, he can help the Mets in a positive way. First off, he will be dying to get back at the Braves. Also, he will be a tough match up against the strong left hand bats for the Phillies. Tommy is still a crafty Vet then can out smart the weaker teams in the N.L.

Eight:Bring in a Leader

The Mets need someone who can help rattle the club house. They need a player with a good attitude, but also will command respect. I was thinking someone like Jose Valentine. He was great for Reyes along with the other young players. Since he has been gone in late 2007, nothing has gone right. The Mets should also bring in a power bat like Aubry Huff. He is currently with Baltimore and shouldn't be hard to get.

Seven: Fire Manuel

Well it's hard to say, but Manuel isn't the kind of guy a depressed, out of whack team needs. He is a good guy and solid manger, but he doesn't cut it. Sadly, I think its time to say good bye to Jerry. He just couldn't get Reyes fired up. Let me rephrase that, he couldn't get the any of Mets fired up. Who do you bring in you might ask? To be truthful, I think you bring in a man from within. Or you give Bobby V a 15 million dollar contract.

Six:Mix up the line-up

Just completely mix up the line-up. Bat Wright 9th and Reed 3rd. One game, it can't hurt. It doesn't have to be that crazy, but make it different. Take a page out old old Billy's book, it worked for him so who knows.

Five: Get a little physcial with the Phills.

Jerry should have a guy like Livan throw some chin music. It really can't hurt to see any kind of fire from the Mets would be great. Hopefully the benches will be cleared, maybe a few suspensions. If thats what it takes to get the Mets going I'm all for it. Not to mention things would be more fun to watch, any time the Phillies are in town.

Four: Hold a Player Meeting

This is a time for guys like Reyes, Wright, Pelfrey and Maine to show the front office their leading skills. Maybe if some of the older guys see some passion or will to win. They might be inspired to play harder, or even care more.

Three: Let Our Starters Go the Distance.

Time after time Jerry pulls guys way to early. Livan can go all day and Santana can pitch in the hundreds . If we can get longer starts from some guys that might help save the bullpen. Also, this will make the other pitchers Maine,Pelfrey and Redding work harder.

Two: Trade Wright or Reyes

If the team just keeps failing then its time to trade one of the center piece of a so far disappointing Mets franchise. Do I want to see this, no ,but when will it be time to see this? Wright has become a “un-clutch soft player” and Reyes has lost the excitement and is injury prone. I really don't see what the Mets will do if the choking continues.

One: Let go of Omar

If the Mets get to the point where the fans stop coming, then its time to let go of Omar. Do I believe they will get to this point? Absolutely not!! If for some reason they do, then its time to take the man who built this team out.