Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is He the Wright Guy?

I will open this article up with a opinion. Some might not like it but I feel someone should say it. The New York Mets should trade David Wright.

I have been watching theses lack-luster Mets and have been getting sick. They find ways to make you want to vomit. I'm sick of hearing we are not healthy or we will come around. These Mets are built to lose they just don't have the fire.

A lot of this has to do with David Wright. He is supposed to be the face of the franchise the captain. The problem is he is to soft to be either of them. These are the stats that really stick out in my mind, he is batting .182 with the bases loaded and .242 with runners on and two outs. He just doesn't get the big hit when we need it. It would be fine if we had a monster bat hitting behind him. Someone who will hit a home run in the ninth, like a Beltran and Delgado in 2006.

David has no help and would be better off on a small market team. Lets face it he isn't a New York kinda guy. If the mets could land a a clutch hitting guy with power things might be more fun. Now I don't know what we could get for David, I would think a slugger and a solid pitcher. I just feel if the mets want to win David just isn't the guy to carry us. If we could land a clutch hitting slugger in the big apple then I don't care what David does in the ninth.

Now yes he is batting .352 and has a .411 OBS, never the less he just doesn't win games. I don't see how Citi is the reason he can't hit homers, don't forget he only has one long ball on the road. Where did his power go? It's a shame that Wright can't be that Jeter I hoped he would become. The guy is a good baseball player and a good man. It seems he is just to soft to be the key player in a franchise.

The Mets would stand a better chance to win a WS if David is not present. Now yes the only way the Mets should trade him is if we can get a great deal. Personally I don't see this happening, for two reasons. He is still batting .352 and the Mets would not get what we need for Dave. Hopefully he can turn things around, he needs to get that power stroke back. Also hitting when it matters would make things a whole lot better. I never will doubt this mans talent but I do doubt him mentally.

This season will be resting on Dav's back, well see how much heart Mr. Wright really has.

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