Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lawson a Possibility for New Jersey?

The big knock on point guard Ty Lawson is he is too short. Standing at 5'11, many believe Lawson will be ineffective on the big stage. The Nets seem to disagree with that statement.
Lawson worked out with the Nets Wednesday along with Jrue Holiday of UCLA and Gerald Henderson of Duke. Lawson impressed New Jersey, but is it worth it to draft a third point guard with the number 11 pick? The Nets have more glaring need with already having an all-star guard in Devin Harris.
New Jersey needs an athletic big that can bang down low, grab some boards, and score on occasion. Recent reports are saying that Lawson's teammate, Tyler Hansbrough, and Louisville forwards Earl Clark and Terrance Williams are climbing up the Nets draft boards.
If the Nets decide to gamble and pick Lawson, they could have the fastest back court in the league. Devin Harris is easily the fastest Point Guard in the league, and Lawson dominated College with his speed and quickness.
If the Nets are set on taking Lawson, they may want to trade back in the draft. Maybe a swap with Chicago sending the number 11 pick and Bobby Simmons to Chicago for their 16th and 26th pick.
Rod Thorn seems to like a lot of players in this draft and needs to see how the draft is playing out before making his decision. My prediction: New Jersey selects Earl Clark with the Number 11 pick in next Thursdays draft.

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