Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pedro Martinez back in a Met uniform?

Pedro Martinez back in a Mets uniform? Could it be true? I have read some articles and heard some things and this could possibly happen pretty soon. This would be a great pick-up for the banged up Mets. Lacking a quality fifth starter, picking up Pedro for the right price would be an amazing move.

After last year a lot of Met fans, including myself, thought that maybe Pedro had ran out of gas. His numbers weren't consistent with his past brilliance at the end, therefore, I can see why the Mets didn't jump to resign him. Then came the World Baseball Classic. Pedro was magical in each of his starts. Yes, he only pitched six innings in the WBC but they were six scoreless innings, with six strike-outs. He also looked very good in pre-season with the Dominican Republic.

The Mets would truly benefit from adding a man with the experience Pedro has. Let me rephrase that. Bringing a HEALTHY Martinez would be very beneficial. Can he stay healthy is the question. One thing I have noticed is that Pedro's arm speed has been in the low 90's. Well, at least that's what he was throwing in the WBC. I can live with low 90's from Pedro and if it's mixed with that filthy change-up, Pedro can do some damage.

Now I understand that in order for the Mets to sign Pedro they would have get the right price and the timing would have to be right. It's certainly the right time, but whether it's the right price remains to be seen. If Pedro can stay healthy, the Mets have a proven winner on the team. Not to mention he is good for the club house. This move would also fire up City Field since, we all know, Pedro is a fan favorite.

If the Mets believe that Pedro is healthy and they can get him for the right price, it can be wonderful for the team and their fans.I really believe Pedro deserves one more chance.

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