Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NBA Fanatic!

By Johnny Hinz

As the National Basketball Association season/playoffs is winding down, we are left with two teams. The always dominant team of Kobe and the Los Angeles Lakers and the rising force of Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. Although these two may not be my teams of choice, I am still very pumped up to see how this series turns out. Not because i even care about the winner, but because i am a die-hard NBA fan. Do you feel the same way? Well here's your chance to compare among many who share the same love-of-the-game.

Here's a list to help rate yourself on your commitment towards the NBA:

1. You have the D-League schedule memorized.
2. You have bought a pair of game used socks worn by Delonte West.
3. You have sent hand written hate mail to Ron Artest.
4. When you are having trouble sleeping, you pop in the tape of Michael Jordan's shot against the Utah Jazz and watch it over and over again.
5. You know who your favorite team drafted the for the past 5 seasons.
6. The wallpaper and comforter in your room represent your favorite team.
7. Your alarm clock is Lebron James' voice telling you to wake up.
8. The homepage on your computer is NBA.com.
9. You've memorized the amount of air time a"Patrick Chewing" commercial takes up.
10. On rainy Days, you watch a saved video on your computer of Larry Johnson's 4 point play.
11. You've memorized Reggie Miller's Stats for the 95-96 Season.
12. You once owned a Bullets jersey.
13. You cried for a few hours when David Robinson announced his retirement.
14. Your parents know not to talk to you when your team is loosing by more then 10 in the second half.
15. You have the same tattoo in the same spot,done by the same artist, as your favorite player.
16. You know Charles Barkley's favorite quote.
17. You've snuck onto mid to wipe down Paul Pierce's sweat, just to help the grounds crew.
18. You know the length and diameter of Dikembe Mutombo's pointer finger.
19. You have left school early just to prepare your house for a 8:30 game.
20. You have stolen your parents car, to get snacks for a preseason game.
21. You independently learned Chinese, so that you can write on Yao Ming's blog.
22. You have an authentic jersey of every player to participate in the 2003 all-star game.
23. You have "Where Amazing Happens" in brail on a welcome mat in front of your house.
24. You have personally talked to Dwayne Wade's high school sweetheart.
25. When you were little, you got your favorite player's number carved in the back of your head as a bonus to your buzz cut.
26. You've traveled behind your team to an away game, where you went to the same restaurant and stole the same fork that manu ginobili was previously using.

20-23:You should be part of the team.
16-19:You and the coach are on a first name basis
12-15:You have a love for the game
8-11:Your a fan during the playoffs
4-7:You Played on a rec team as a youngin
1-3:You have a basketball in your house

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