Friday, June 5, 2009

LeBron: Cleveland, The Garden, Or Brooklyn?

By Joe Nelson
In the summer of 2010, LeBron James has some choices to make.
Should he stay in Cleveland, with a set-in stone team with veterans, but no real other scoring threat?

Should he go to New York City and play in the greatest sports arena in the world? Or go to his favorite borough in NYC, Brooklyn?



1. Cleveland is LeBron's hometown, and he has been playing in Ohio since he was born.

2. The Cavs are already a playoff experienced squad. They made the NBA Finals in the '06-'07 season, and this year, made it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

3. Chinese investors bought 15 percent ownership of Cleveland. This move could grant LeBron's wish and make him a worldwide icon.


1. LeBron has limited help.
With Big Z being 34, LeBron's big man may soon be gone. Also, Ben Wallace is rumored to be contemplating retirement. That would be a loss of two important big men for the Cavs.
With the way Mo Williams played during the conference finals, there is no one to take the scoring load off LeBron.

2. If the Cavs couldn't win it this year, what makes you think they can win it at all?
With a depleted Boston team and no other team that looked like a legit threat, the Cavs were the odds-on favorite to cruise to the NBA Finals.
Once again, LeBron's teammates let him down, and they were sent home packing and watching the rest of the playoffs on their couches instead of being in L.A. right now for Games One and Two.

New York


1. LeBron in a Knicks uniform would bring back more excitement than when New York drafted Patrick Ewing with the No. 1 overall pick in the 1985 NBA Draft.
Not to mention, playing in the greatest sports arena ever built, LeBron would be talked about more in New York than Wall Street.
2. Money, Money, Money. With an incentive-laden Nike contract, LeBron will add to his huge salary by playing in one of the three major cities—New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
I'm sure LeBron wouldn't mind making his pocket a little fatter by playing in New York.

3. The Knicks are rumored to be in love with stand-out guard Steph Curry. LeBron is one of Curry's biggest fans. He was seen cheering Steph on during this year's Davidson vs. N.C. State game.
If the Knicks draft Curry, don't be surprised if it is a lure to get James.


1. LeBron wants to win. The Knicks have not been to the playoffs since 2004, where they were swept by the Nets. If LeBron wants to win, and win now, he better hope New York makes a big splash or gets a post guy for LeBron to rely on.



1. Sean "Jay-Z" Carter has part ownership of the New Jersey—maybe Brooklyn—Nets. It is well-known that LeBron and Jay-Z are best of friends. "Jigga Man" is known to attend LeBron's games in Cleveland occasionally during the season.
Come on now, they even have their own hand shake! Jay-Z just might reel LeBron into Brooklyn.

2. When asked what his favorite borough in New York City was, LeBron's answer was, "Brooklyn."
If the Nets could finally get this arena started, LeBron could be the face of Brooklyn, and soon enough, the Nets could be the most talked about team in New York.

3. Unlike New York and Cleveland, New Jersey has a rising-star in Devin Harris and a soon-to-be star big man in Brook Lopez. This could be intriguing for James, to play with a great ball handler and scorer and a solid low post presence by his side.


1. The Nets may not move to Brooklyn. It has been reported that if the team cannot complete the deal to move to Brooklyn, the team will most likely go up for sale. Seattle and Kansas City are rumored to be the most likely destinations.
That would flush any hope of getting LeBron right down the tubes.

If you ask me, if the Nets can complete the move to Brooklyn, he will end up there. If not, I don't think James will want to stay in Cleveland if they fail to win it all next year and will land with the Knicks.
It should be interesting to see what LeBron will do, and the whole basketball world will be awaiting the outcome.

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