Thursday, June 4, 2009

“Ten things the Mets should do to get better”.

I have been watching the Mets all year and have been coming up with ton's of thing they could do to get better. It just seems like this team is so under achieving. They are not a bad team by any means, just misguided. Everyone has to remember ,including myself, that it is only June. Its a young season, plenty of time to fix some stuff up.

I have come up with my “Ten thing the Mets should do to get better”. Pretty much, I'm just going to tell you what I think the Metropolitans should do.

Ten: Get healthy

Lately, the Mets have been called the “B” team, “Wright plus eight” and the “New York Bison”. Lets face it, they are banged up beyond belief. Even before this, they were nothing special. Yes, they were on a bit of a streak but still nothing to be jumping up and down about.

Missing Reyes,Beltran,Delgado,Church,Cora, Pagan and now Martinez is mentally, physically and emotionally tough for the rest of the team. This would be like the Yankees Missing Jeter, Teixeira,

Damon and a bunch of bench players. I don't see them winning 17 out of 22. Also, this would be like the Phillies with out Ibanez, Utley and Howard along with bench players. I don't see them doing as well either.

We will see who the Mets are when they have their All- Stars back. It can't come soon enough for us fans.

Nine: Pick up a Veteran Pitcher

Pedro is just waiting to be resigned by the Mets, to prove he still has it. I know this might hurt to hear, but Tom Glavin is now on the market. I understand why some Met fans would be scared to see him in a orange and blue uniform again. Lets just say his last outing wasn't too terrific.

In his defense, he can help the Mets in a positive way. First off, he will be dying to get back at the Braves. Also, he will be a tough match up against the strong left hand bats for the Phillies. Tommy is still a crafty Vet then can out smart the weaker teams in the N.L.

Eight:Bring in a Leader

The Mets need someone who can help rattle the club house. They need a player with a good attitude, but also will command respect. I was thinking someone like Jose Valentine. He was great for Reyes along with the other young players. Since he has been gone in late 2007, nothing has gone right. The Mets should also bring in a power bat like Aubry Huff. He is currently with Baltimore and shouldn't be hard to get.

Seven: Fire Manuel

Well it's hard to say, but Manuel isn't the kind of guy a depressed, out of whack team needs. He is a good guy and solid manger, but he doesn't cut it. Sadly, I think its time to say good bye to Jerry. He just couldn't get Reyes fired up. Let me rephrase that, he couldn't get the any of Mets fired up. Who do you bring in you might ask? To be truthful, I think you bring in a man from within. Or you give Bobby V a 15 million dollar contract.

Six:Mix up the line-up

Just completely mix up the line-up. Bat Wright 9th and Reed 3rd. One game, it can't hurt. It doesn't have to be that crazy, but make it different. Take a page out old old Billy's book, it worked for him so who knows.

Five: Get a little physcial with the Phills.

Jerry should have a guy like Livan throw some chin music. It really can't hurt to see any kind of fire from the Mets would be great. Hopefully the benches will be cleared, maybe a few suspensions. If thats what it takes to get the Mets going I'm all for it. Not to mention things would be more fun to watch, any time the Phillies are in town.

Four: Hold a Player Meeting

This is a time for guys like Reyes, Wright, Pelfrey and Maine to show the front office their leading skills. Maybe if some of the older guys see some passion or will to win. They might be inspired to play harder, or even care more.

Three: Let Our Starters Go the Distance.

Time after time Jerry pulls guys way to early. Livan can go all day and Santana can pitch in the hundreds . If we can get longer starts from some guys that might help save the bullpen. Also, this will make the other pitchers Maine,Pelfrey and Redding work harder.

Two: Trade Wright or Reyes

If the team just keeps failing then its time to trade one of the center piece of a so far disappointing Mets franchise. Do I want to see this, no ,but when will it be time to see this? Wright has become a “un-clutch soft player” and Reyes has lost the excitement and is injury prone. I really don't see what the Mets will do if the choking continues.

One: Let go of Omar

If the Mets get to the point where the fans stop coming, then its time to let go of Omar. Do I believe they will get to this point? Absolutely not!! If for some reason they do, then its time to take the man who built this team out.

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