Monday, June 1, 2009

Johan Santana will come in and save the day

By Brendan Costello

Johan Santana will come in and save the day. That is one statement Mets can confidently say. After watching the Mets blow another game, it will be pleasant to watch Johan pitch. He is what keeps us Met fans safe. The man is a gamer and is the best thing the Mets have had since Seaver in 1969.

Johan will be entering tonight's game with a 7-2 record witch could easily be 11-0 and a 1.77 ERA. Those are some nice numbers, and facing a under achiever in Duke, the Mets should put a licking on the Pirates. Even if we score two runs, this should be a “W” in the record books.

I feel Johan will get 8 innings tonight and personally hand it over to K rod. I think all Met fans would prefer it that way. I feel if Johan can hit his spots against a week Pittsburgh's line up, we should be in great shape.

Pittsburgh, who is top ten in strike-outs in the MLB should have a head- ache with Johan. Lets all hope that Jerry Manuel gets smart and lets Johan go to work and keeps him in the game. Someone should tell the Mets, "Don't worry about scoring 6-7, all they need to do is score 2-3". In reality, lets hope the Mets can be calm do what they have to do and let Johan do everything else.

I think I speak for all Met fans, watching Johan go 8 and K-Rod finish it up would feel good after watching last nights game. Any type of win would feel good after last night. Losing tonight would really mentally give a huge blow to the Mets. I don't see that happening though, not with the savor Johan on the mound. I'm calling it, Mets win 3-1 tonight, I know not really a hard pick but it never is with Santana on the mound.

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