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Top Ten Baseball Rivalry's

There are a lot of great baseball rivals in past years. What is a baseball rival you might ask? Well to me a baseball rivalry is when you, as a fan, hate the opposing teams and their fans. Its a rivalry thats is played on ESPN or FOX, its a rivalry where both teams are WS contenders. There is blood shed and words exchanged. Its the single greatest part of any sports. Here is my top ten so please enjoy!

Ten: Florida Marlins VS Tampa Rays.(Citrus Series)

Now I know what your thinking this rivalry isn't too competitive. Now in recent years this might be true, not the case now. With the Rays finally stepping up and playing some real baseball, this rivalry gets fun. The Marlins have had their good years and their terrible years, but as of now they are a team in the hunt. With the Rays in the hunt as well this series is born. So Florida get ready for some fun baseball in the sun.

Nine: Oakland Athletics VS San Fransisco Giants.(Bay Bridge Series)

With the A's not being so great, this rivalry takes a big hit. In past years this rivalry was led by Ricky Henderson and everyone's favorite Barry Bonds. I feel after the 1989 WS (“the earthquake series”) this rivalry was born. With the Athletics taking only eight more wins this series is close and competitive. I feel it will be the same this year do to the fact neither team is anything special.

Eight: LA Dodgers VS LA Angels. (Freeway Series)

Next to New York, Los Angeles has the best talent in the major leagues. With the Dodgers being top of the NL, and the Angels barely being over .500 this is a major mix-up. This series is always fought hard by both teams. The Dodgers might hold the edge, but any given day the Angels still the talent to pull one out.

Seven: New York Giants VS Brooklyn Dodgers

I know these teams haven't squared off in more than a half a century, but these games were fought to the bone. From Willie Mays to Jackie Robinson this series had a lot hard nosed playing. Both teams were fighting for bragging rights in the National League year and year out. For you see most the time the World Series ended up going through one of these stadiums. Since moving out West this series has lost some fire.

Six: New York Mets VS New York Yankees (Subway Series)

Five years ago, I would of put this rivalry in the top three, but as of late it seems that neither team is fiercely competing. Led by Jeter and Wright this series is still very compelling. With both teams having the highest payrolls in the majors, this series better be compelling. With the Mets getting their super stars back and the Yanks still on a hot streak this series still can't be predictive.

I hope to see these teams battling it out, not for themselves, but for the fans. For the fans they haven't lost their desire for bragging rights. This might not rank up with the Yankee-Dodger series but never the less they are still fighting for the king of New York City.

Five: Chicago Cubs VS Chicago White Sox (Windy City Series)

Ever since Barrett smacked Pierzynski in the face, this is one of my favorite series to watch. With Chicago being one of most passionate cities this makes this rivalry so much better. Along with Los Angeles and New York, Chicago is another star filled city.

With Lou Pinnela and Ozzie Guillen being the managers for both squads, this series will be bursting with fire and intensity. Honestly, I don't know any interleague series that is better than this. Lets hope this series lives up to its hype.

Four: Chicago Cubs VS St. Louis Cardinals

For the past five years, the Cubs and Cardinals have been splitting the NL Central crown. Led by the stars of Albert Pujols and Alfonso Soriano, this series is jam packed with talent. Since the first series played in 1885, the series has displayed emotion, desire, and fire. Over the years this rivalry has not died down at all. With the series not being dominated by either team, after over 2,000 games the series is near split. My belief is that the winner of this division will go through either St. Louis or Chicago.

Three: New York Mets VS Philadelphia Phillies

About ten years ago number three would be Mets and Braves, but since the Braves have fallen these two teams have ruled the NL East. Over the past three years, every game has been intense with the Mets winning the majority. Regardless, coming down to September, you know the Mets and Phillies will be battling it out. The one thing this series lacks is physicalness, hate and the will to win. If the players had as much hate as the fans do, this series would easily be number one.

Two: New York Yankees VS Boston Red Sox

Yes, I know most of you are thinking, why isn't this rivalry number one? There are many reasons this rivalry could be number one. From Curt Schilling's bloody sock to Aaron Boone's heroic homerun to send the Yankees to the World Series, this rivalry is full of drama. With the Yankees dominating in the 1990's, winning 8 straight division titles and 4 World Series, Boston was in the rear view mirrors. Now, with Boston dominating as of late winning 2 World Series and 2 division titles, this rivalry is at an all time high. Some might argue and say that in the 70's this rivalry was more competitive, but I beg to differ. Whether its the brawls, the late game heroics, or the want to win mentality, this series currently is not the best just in baseball, but in all of sports.

One: Dodgers VS Yankees

In the 1950's October in New York, there was only one thought on everyone's mind, will the Yankees and Dodgers meet up in the World Series. Whether it was Duke Snider vs Yogi Berra or Jackie Robinson vs Mickey Mantle, this rivalry is ultimately number one. Meeting in the World Series 11 times is the reason this rivalry is number one. Even though the Yankees dominated, winning 8 of 11 world series, this rivalry was the most competitive.

The true bragging rights for New York was between the Yankees and Dodgers. The boroughs of the Bronx, and Brooklyn being in the same city, yet almost countries of their own, this rivalry is the most intense. Sadly, it was cut short for the lack of meetings during interleague play or in the World Series. Hopefully this rivalry can be heated back up by scheduling from the MLB or a possible World Series match-up which is likely with the start of both teams.

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