Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The New York Disappointments

By:Johnny Hinz

Really? That is the only question i can ask myself lately about my coveted Metropolitans.
Don't get me wrong, I am still the biggest fan......but, ARE YOU SERIOUS??

Its been a rough two nights here for loyal Mets fans. First we blow a 5-0 lead, yesterday to lose 8-5 (Thank You Putz, now today we jump right off in the early innings with another 1-0 lead, for what ? Yeah, Santana had a few good innings, but one surprise home run took him out of his game where it was soon followed by an error. This took the wind right out of the Mets sails, as the ship began to sink. Not long after, did the PIRATES steal the booty as they marched out victorious.

Wait a minute.. Did I just type that correctly? The New York Mets whom we all love, lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates? I'll have you know, I watched both of these games in which you can see more empty seats then black and yellow tee shirts. That is pitiful. How do you lose to a team with more players then fans? PNC Park ? That place is a joke. You can purchase a ticket for $4.93. A happy meal cost more then that. PNC Bank has more tellers then this stadium has fans. Its unreal how an upcoming organization like the Mets can be embarrassed by a team like this.

OK, granted the Mets are not even close to being healthy, but truthfully I DON'T CARE! So what if we don't have any big names in the line up? Your a professional, step up to the plate. Figuratively and literally. If you are being paid millions of dollars to go play baseball-the game that you love, how can you just give up like that ?

Johan Santana, arguably the greatest pitcher in the league. You know what, maybe he is still the greatest. He didn't do too bad tonight, plus he still has a winning record by a large margin. It is not his fault. To some degree, he did his job. As for the rest of the team, how do you only produce one run in a baseball game? Especially having the greatest pitcher in the big leagues on your squad. That is a sign of disrespect towards Johan. He should be appalled with the efforts that his so called teammates are giving.

All this being said, the time is now! The Mets need to step up, big name or not; do something productive for your team and actually earn your paycheck for the week.

Even though, I would still be disappointed splitting with the Pirates, that is the best opportunity we have left and we can not take it for granted.

Unless we are ready for another orange and blue-less post season, we need to put some more "W's" on the board, STARTING NOW!

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