Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bring On The Big Boys

After a dismal road trip against bottom feeders of the league, the Mets will head back to Citi to play the first place Phillies. This is a great series for the Mets to prove to everyone ,including themselves, that they are a good ball-club. The struggling Mets went 2-4 to the Pirates and the Nats not something to be proud of. They did win the last two of three however, by doing so it prevented the road trip from being a complete disaster. I have been thinking about it and maybe since the Mets played down to the Nats and Pirates they will play up to the Yanks and Phillies.

This series doesn't determine the season. All us Met fans should be well aware of that. After the last two season's nothing from April to August matters. However if the Mets do have a great 6 game swing, things will become very fun.

This time of year is always the best. With summer approaching, baseball is heating up just like the weather. The fans will be filling there respected stadiums to full capacity. The only sport being talked about on ESPN will be baseball. The hand held radios will be glaring at all the beaches and the different baseball caps will be on every-ones head. This is the time baseball is the talk of the town, and for the love of god lets pray the Mets are being talked about positively.

Now I know in recent years the Mets feel the season ends August 31st , but they are going to need a great summer to keep the media off them and to build confidence. They are a good team that is getting healthy, they will show us all that in the this next week. With Johan on the mound the Mets hope to get off to a good start. That is key for the Mets to get the first one under there belt. Unlike last week, when they blew a 5-0 lead to the Pirates in the series opener, after that nothing went right. So if they can get up early and stay there, the Mets will be able to breathe easy and come out swinging in the next two games.

The Phillies 'Lights out closer” Brad Lidge has helped the Mets climb with-in 2.5 games, by blowing two games in a row. If the Phillies can lose tonight, the Metropolitans will be just 2 games out. This just proves to me the Phillies are not the same team they were last year. Some people might disagree and that's fine if you do. I just see them falling apart, when 46 year old Jamie Moyer leads your staff with four wins, while having five losses and maintaining a 6.27 ERA you know your in trouble. It just a matter of time before they crumble and burn.

This is the Mets chance to make everything interesting and slap the “annoying loud mouth Phillies around”. If Johan can pitch well and Pelfery can get has act together we will be in good shape. This is a crucial series to tell how the summer will go for the Mets.


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